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Pumps Premier-L 556N

Premier-L 556N

Category: Pumps
Color: Gold
Material: plastic from NORYL


The world-famous "golden" pump.
Made entirely of NORYL plastic.
Premier - L reliability, with A.O. Smith (U.S.A.) motor.
Easy installation, simple maintenance, noiseless.
Readily available, low price spare parts.
Single phase pump
P10103: 0,36 KW (0,50HP), 230V, 9,0m3/hr
P10104: 0,50 KW (0,75HP), 230V, 11,0m3/hr
Ρ10105: 0,75 KW (1,00HP), 230V, 13,0m3/hr
Ρ10106: 1,10 KW (1,50HP), 230V, 21,5m3/hr
Ρ10107: 1,50 KW (2,00HP), 230V, 26,0m3/hr
Three phase pump
Ρ10108: 0,75 KW (1,0HP), 208-230/460V, 13,0m3/hr
Ρ10109: 1,10 KW (1,5HP), 208-230/460V, 21,5m3/hr
Ρ10110: 1,50 KW (2,0HP), 208-230/460V, 26,0m3/hr
Ρ10111: 2,20 KW (3,0HP), 208-230/460V, 34,5m3/hr
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